About I Burleson ISD.



Local schools are the cornerstone of our community and the hope they provide is of incredible value to our prosperity. We have the future of Burleson in our classrooms every day, and we place high expectations on our teachers to educate our students and equip them with the skills they will need the rest of their lives. We want to show our support for the educators, coaches, administration and support staff who work hard every day to teach and inspire our children while maintaining a well-managed and fiscally responsible school district.

Through I Love Burleson ISD we are putting action behind our admiration and showing our appreciation through volunteerism, service and encouragement. Schools of excellence are not easy to achieve nor maintain and coming beside our schools as a supportive partner will strengthen and bolster our already outstanding classrooms here in Burleson ISD.

We love our students and our goal is that each student receives the best possible education. We want to reward hard work and dedication with top quality extracurricular activities from sports to drama and science to poetry. More opportunities for our students takes more helping hands from around our district. Our volunteers are vital to our schools, enriching every child’s education as well as serving as role models.

We love our teachers, coaches and staff and know the hard work they put in every day. From an extra set of hands in a classroom to raising money for the best tools that they need, we want to support them in every way possible so that more of their time can be focused on students. 

And we want to be a voice in our community standing up for the importance of education. We are leading the effort here in Burleson ISD to say that the school system and the students in it are not just a part of our community but integral to a thriving future. Join us in saying “I Love Burleson ISD!”